Leading company in Educational Coaching for teachers and students in Latin America.

Leading company in Educational Coaching for students and educators in Latin America. Smart Learning is dedicated to studying the latest educational technologies in order to adapt and incorporate them into the different areas of education, teaching methodologies range from workshops and seminars to home tutoring.


As a company, we have the VISION to establish and maintain ourselves as leaders in educational innovation in Latin America.

We understand that the world has changed and that it is our obligation to adapt to this new generation of students. Taking advantage of the latest coaching strategies, software, hardware and neuroscience studies, we develop the best group and individual workshops on this side of the world.


Writer, coach and business administrator from the Universidad Católica de Chile. Master-trainer of Smart Learning and intellectual creator of all the training in our company. Pablo sheds tears if he can’t help a child. He wakes up and goes to bed thinking about how to change education. His life revolves around this challenge. He blindly believes that in the future all educators will be coaches, a methodology he got to know in the five years he lived in Singapore.


Businesswoman and master trainer of Smart Learning. She was born in Japan and trained professionally working eleven years at Microsoft Singapore. She fought all her life to break the paradigm of the Japanese woman of the province and become a global businesswoman. Mamiko struggles to empower not only students, but also other women to pursue their dream. Expert in digital communications and fervent entrepreneur, she has the most difficult challenge of all, being a partner, wife and mother of Pablo’s two youngest children!


Our team is an inspiration to any educator, teachers who refused to leave their students behind, to eliminate those who were not “at the level” of the rest, to medicate their students. Today there are more than sixty COACH educators determined to radically change the way they learn to teach, without generating conflicts, just by example and giving 100% for our students.